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« Blind Date (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A blind date between a workaholic and a beautiful, alcohol-intolerant blonde starts heading downhill after he gives her a glass of champagne.
Pawn Stars Pezzed Off (TV-PG) The origins of a rare 18th century double-barrel coaching gun with an undetermined golden inscription are questioned; a man may sell 50 classic Pez dispensers.
Sheriffs El Dorado County (TV-14) Cameras follow the deputies and officers of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department as they contend with dangerous situations while on patrol.
Business First with Angela Miles (TV-PG) Angela Miles and her team of traders, reporters and money managers provide financial news, trading tips and investments ideas that increase personal wealth.
On the Money The host explores the world of personal finance by breaking down the latest financial headlines and provides expert advice for the individual investor.

The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational

« In Harm's Way (TV-PG, NR, ***) A tough United States Navy officer, who suffers from nightmares of Pearl Harbor, faces the enemy while fighting in the South Pacific during World War II.
Santa Fe Marshal (TV-PG, NR, **+) Hopalong Cassidy goes undercover with a medicine show to smoke out a mine-robbing gang.

Police Story Dangerous Games (TV-14) A member of the LAPD vice squad goes undercover as a potential customer in an attempt to bring in the nefarious leader of a prostitution racket.
The Green Hornet The Hunters and the Hunted (TV-G) After big game hunters tire of animals and even members of the mob, they decide to tackle the biggest prize of all and hunt the Green Hornet.
The Green Hornet Deadline for Death (TV-G) Mike Axford is incarcerated and charged with murder after he successfully predicts the next house to be targeted in a string of burglaries.
Adventures of Superman Blackmail (TV-G) A criminal and his cohorts con Inspector Henderson by planting $20,000 on him, threatening to publicly accuse him of accepting a bribe.
Adventures of Superman The Deadly Rock (TV-G) Clark Kent's friend Gary Allen, who has been missing since Superman prevented a meteor from destroying Metropolis, resurfaces with superpowers.

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Mind Games (TV-PG) Sue is unable to determine if a murder occurred since the only witness is schizophrenic; the team discovers their new supervisor has never solved a case.
Joan of Arcadia The Uncertainty Principle (TV-PG) Fresh from witnessing the school bully beat up on Adam, Joan is told by God to invite the hostile classmate to the winter semi-formal.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Moment of Truth, Part 1 (TV-G) Cloud Dancing is savagely beaten and incarcerated forcing Sully to realize life on the reservation is no longer tolerable for his friend and arranges escape.

The Facts of Life All or Nothing (TV-PG) When Jo is nominated to the Langley College Board of Regents, she finds she has to fight the majority to bring some common sense to the proceedings.
The Facts of Life A Death in the Family (TV-PG) The girls are completely shaken by the sudden death of Natalie's father who had a sudden heart attack and wonder how to ease her pain.
The Facts of Life Big Fish - Little Fish (TV-PG) Blair begins to wonder why she isn't as popular at Langley as she was at Eastland; Natalie remains down over the death of her father.
The Facts of Life Star at Langley (TV-PG) Blair and her Cliff are serious about their relationship until she is forced to compete for his attention when a popular movie star enrolls at Langley.
The Facts of Life Dream Marriage (TV-PG) A startling marriage proposal forces Blair to reassess her goals; Blair dreams of what her life might be like in the new millennium.
The Facts of Life Mother and Daughter (TV-PG) Tootie's inability to communicate with her visiting lawyer mother sparks an explosive confrontation when her mother requests an open relationship.
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