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« Rachael Ray Lindsay Lohan Is in the Kitchen Cooking Garlicky Lemon-Pepper Shrimp with Rach! (TV-G) Lindsay Lohan prepares garlic lemon-pepper shrimp; Marie Kondo discusses her folding methods; Rachael prepares a 30-minute meal for dinner.
The Doctors (TV-PG) Host Dr. Travis Stork, along with his co-hosts, Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Nita Landry and Dr. Sonia Batra, examine real-life stories and provide answers and care.
Justice with Judge Mablean (TV-PG) Former Prosecuting attorney Judge Mablean uses her 20 years of courtroom experience and straight-talking style to arbitrate small claims cases.
Divorce Court Freeman vs. Freeman (TV-PG) The judge sees real-life couples who have filed for divorce, and after hearing both sides, she issues a legally binding ruling dissolving their marriages.
The Verdict with Judge Hatchett (TV-PG) Judge Glenda Hatchett presides over a small-claims court, listening to the case from all sides before determining what is truthful and making a final judgement.

« Sing Sing Sing, Come on Let's Sing Inspirational music and singing.
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational

High Sierra (TV-PG, NR, ***+) After a botched bank robbery results in the death of an innocent man, an escaped convict flees to the wild peaks of the Sierra Nevada with police chasing him.
Key Largo (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A disillusioned war veteran visits a cheap hotel in the Florida Keys and encounters a gang of violent mobsters, who are hiding out in the hotel.

« The High Chaparral The Lieutenant (TV-PG) A cavalry officer surprises nearby rancher Henry Simmons after declaring he intends to take the man in on charges after deserting the military many years ago.
House Pilot (HD, TV-14) Dr. Gregory House and his team of young medical experts rush to save the life of a kindergarten teacher with a possible brain tumor.
House Paternity (HD, TV-14) Dr. House and his team are befuddled when they are charged with curing a 16-year-old lacrosse player stricken with an unidentifiable brain disease.
House Occam's Razor (HD, TV-14) A college student who collapsed while having sex with his girlfriend is found to have symptoms of multiple diseases and a seriously compromised immune system.

« Unforgettable Allegiances (HD, TV-14) Carrie's professional life becomes involved with her personal life when she discovers that her boyfriend's father is a mob boss with ties to murder suspects.
Medium Where Were You When...? (HD, TV-14) When Allison begins having flashes to a specific time in the future, her sense of dread grows as she feels powerless to stop a future catastrophic event.
Medium Native Tongue (HD, TV-14) Communication becomes a large obstacle when Allison wakes up unable to understand English anymore, leading Allison to befriend the only woman who understands.
Crossing Jordan Sunset Division (HD, TV-14) Hoyt crosses paths with an elite squad of Los Angeles detectives investigating his mentor's death in Wisconsin.

The Lucy Show Lucy Buys a Sheep (TV-G) Lucy purchases a sheep for the purpose of lawn upkeep, but when bad weather arrives, she begrudgingly allows the animal to stay inside the house.
The Donna Reed Show That's Show Business (TV-PG) After a fellow student participating in the school play drops out due to his stutter, Mary must help him overcome his embarrassment and return.
The Donna Reed Show Sleep No More My Lady (TV-PG) Donna is unable to sleep after travelling with Alex to New York to give a speech at a medical convention, leading him to give her a tranquilizer.
Family Affair Day Nothing Happened (TV-G) Bill has been planning his next vacation and can't wait to leave, and Cissy anticipates her next date with a new man; both of their plans are derailed.
Family Affair House in the Country (TV-G) Bill starts to tire of a life in the city, and starts to think the city is no place to raise children; he starts to consider purchasing a suburban home.
Petticoat Junction Please Buy My Violets (TV-G) Instead of buying window screens to protect hotel guest from mosquitoes, Uncle Joe spends Kate's money on terrible cologne to make a quick buck.
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