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Couples Court with the Cutlers Attorneys Dana and Keith Cutler use their legal expertise to help couples resolve their relationship problems caused by accusations of deception.
The Doctors Bourbon Made from Beaver Secretion? Sugar Addicts in Diapers? Healthy Pizza (TV-PG) The doctors discuss bourbon that contains beaver secretions, toddlers eating over seven teaspoons of sugar a day on average, and special pizza crusts.
King of the Hill Dia-bill-ic Shock (TV-14) Bill's sweet tooth finally catches up to him as he is diagnosed with diabetes and confined to a wheelchair; Bill is befriended by a compassionate rugby player.
Cops (TV-PG) When an injured suspect sees an opportunity, the chase is on; a man tries bossing around the officers when he's caught with a number of unpleasant items.
Cityline Host Tracy Moore covers a variety of topics that pertains to daily lifestyle, which includes information on home, health and beauty.

« The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
Sing Sing Sing, Come on Let's Sing Inspirational music and singing.
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational

She's Having a Baby (PG-13, **+) Feeling trapped by marriage, a young man must confront his feelings towards marriage and growing up after he finds out that his wife wants to have a baby.
House on Telegraph Hill (TV-PG, NR, **+) A Nazi concentration camp survivor assumes the identity of her deceased friend and arrives in the U.S. to discover that she is still in danger.

« NYPD Blue Raphael's Inferno (TV-14) A young woman is found dead in the basement of her apartment, and Sipowicz and Sorenson rely on their instincts to narrow the list of suspects.
NYPD Blue I Have a Dream (TV-14) Danny's acquaintance with a drug dealer proves helpful when a cop is accused of prematurely shooting a suspect; Sipowicz has a recurring dream about his past.
Cheyenne Quicksand (TV-PG) After the settlers that Cheyenne is escorting are attacked by Comanche warriors, he tries to save them by challenging the Comanche chief to a duel.
Maverick The Cactus Switch (TV-G) Bart is taking his large, poker winnings back to his hotel room when he notices a woman in distress who appears to have suicidal tendencies.

« Promised Land A Hand Up Is Not a Handout, Part 1 (TV-PG) After losing his job, Russell Greene takes his family on a cross country across America offering faith, compassion and hope to all encountered.
Early Edition Camera Shy (TV-PG) Gary accidentally causes photojournalist Miguel Diaz to become unemployed, and his life is threatened after he takes a picture of a criminal thought to be dead.
Early Edition Wild Card (TV-PG) After saving an elderly woman's life, Gary looks forward to a day free of further responsibility until Patrick causes a series of disasters.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Promises, Promises (TV-G) Loren proposes to Dorothy but suffers a severe, crippling stroke before she can give him a definite answer; tensions between Dr. Mike and Sully increase.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! (TV-PG) A team of investigators explores reports of unthinkable feats, strange facts, and artifacts that challenge the limits of the human imagination.
Lancer Jelly (TV-G) Two grown sons of a California ranch owner return to help their father hold possession of his vast plot of land despite their extreme differences.
You Bet Your Life Secret Word: Chair (TV-PG) Groucho Marx teases contestants as they compete to answer questions for prize money and attempt to uncover the secret word to win more cash.
Mack & Myer for Hire Drip and Drop / Prison Guards (TV-PG) Two Manhattan handymen take on odd jobs, usually resulting in a disaster.
The Best of Hollywood Best of 1959: Ben-Hur, North by Northwest, Some Like It Hot, and more (Repeat, TV-PG) Reviews of films released in 1959, including "Ben-Hur," "North by Northwest" and "Some Like It Hot," are conducted to demonstrate their impact on cinema.
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