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« Dateline (TV-14) Investigative reports, breaking news stories, profiles of leading newsmakers and other features explore current events and topics of special interest.
The King of Queens Gorilla Warfare (TV-PG) Doug tries to compose a romantic poem after Carrie discovers the line he spoke to win her heart was actually embarrassing dialogue from a second-rate movie.
How I Met Your Mother Miracles (TV-PG) Ted finds himself reevaluating his entire life after an accident leads him to have a near-death experience, and Marshal believes Ted was saved by a miracle.
Last Man Standing Explorers (TV-PG) Mike is given a special opportunity to offer an artifact to a renowned museum, though Ed admits that it's an honor that he has wanted for his whole life.
The Goldbergs The Opportunity of a Lifetime (TV-PG) Barry gets the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Philadelphia Phillies game; Erica makes an important decision as it pertains to her future in college.
Mike & Molly Molly's Birthday (TV-14) Mike decides that he's going to surprise Molly for her birthday, but his plans suddenly go awry when he accidentally eats some psychedelic gelato.

« The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
Sing Sing Sing, Come on Let's Sing Inspirational music and singing.
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational

« The Two Jakes (TV-PG, R, **+) In Los Angeles, after the Second World War, a private eye is hired by a wealthy realtor to prove that his wife is guilty of infidelity, but the plan turns awry.
Marathon Man (TV-14, R, ***) The brother of a murdered American agent becomes the quarry of a former Nazi who is willing to use torture to get the answer to his frequently asked question.

« JAG This Just In from Baghdad (TV-PG) A United States Defense Department official is killed over in Baghdad, leaving Mac and Harm to investigate the squad that was sent in to protect him.
JAG One Big Boat (TV-PG) A Naval sailing team is going through a practice session, but when a female sailor is swept overboard and drowns, Mac and Harm are called in to investigate.
JAG Camp Delta (TV-PG) Guards at the Guantanamo Bay prison are supposed to get a detainee to the interrogation room but put him into a coma after he refused to leave his cell.
JAG There Goes the Neighborhood (TV-PG) Coates is stuck with making a tough decision when a friend from her criminal past she is trying to get away from shows up and is looking for a place to stay.
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