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The Dr. Oz Show Robin Roberts on the Shocking Story of a Woman Stolen as a Baby (TV-PG) Robin Roberts discusses interviewing a woman who was abducted as an infant from a hospital; The Dish crew shares chef secrets regarding microwave meals.
The Doctors Manson Family Expert Scott Michaels Explains Why Society Is Obsessed True Crime (TV-PG) The doctors discuss why so many people seem to be obsessed with true crime stories with Scott Michaels; Joan Lunden discusses her battle with cancer.
Divorce Court (TV-PG) The judge sees real-life couples who have filed for divorce, and after hearing both sides, she issues a legally binding ruling dissolving their marriages.
Couples Court with the Cutlers (TV-PG) Attorneys Dana and Keith Cutler use their legal expertise to help couples resolve their relationship problems caused by accusations of deception.

The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational
The Ninety & Nine Club Inspirational

« Any Which Way You Can (PG, **+) Philo Beddoe evades the authorities with his orangutan friend while considering a championship fight with a mob-sponsored fighter.
Sunset (R, **+) A veteran Hollywood actor teams up with the legendary marshal Wyatt Earp to solve a murder that occurred during the production of a movie.

JAG The Prisoner (TV-14) While sailing near Hong Kong, Harm is captured by the Chinese, who employ mind games to extract information on the U.S. position in a territorial dispute.
JAG Ares (TV-14) During the testing of a destroyer's new defensive system, a system malfunction occurs which allows the ship to drift toward the waters of North Korea.
JAG Skeleton Crew (TV-14) Harm, Meg and Alison begin an investigation after the body of a female officer is found ashore; Harm becomes attracted to an NCIS agent.

Medium Knowing Her (HD, TV-14) A drug dealer comes seeking help for her murdered "drug mules"; Ariel is unsure why her essay won a contest that seemed to have a better entry.
Medium The Darkness Is Light Enough (HD, TV-14) New dreams of a woman whose home is broken into by a man with no face unsettle Allison and she works to find her; Joe is feeling pressure at work.
Crossing Jordan Loves Me Not (HD, TV-14) Woody and Jordan get trapped in a bed and breakfast by a snowstorm when they go to investigate a murder; Bug is jealous when Lily has a date.

The Donna Reed Show Variations on a Theme (TV-PG) Donna tries to sell the piano after she notices everyone uses it as a drop area for their belongings, but Mary starts arguing with her about why it should stay.
The Donna Reed Show The Stones Go to Hollywood (TV-PG) Alex has a doctor's conference in Hollywood, which prompts the rest of the family to go with him, but their big plans are dashed when the city gets heavy rain.
Family Affair Lessons for Grown-Ups (TV-PG) The kids overhear Bill talking about one of his bridges collapsing, and how he has to go to the construction site to help with the disaster.
Family Affair Oh, to Be in England (TV-PG) Bill takes on a job that would mean he would have to be in England for at least one year; there is a discussion about moving abroad.
Petticoat Junction Race Against the Stork (TV-PG) When Kate's pregnant friend stays at the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe becomes nervous and plans for quickly getting a doctor to the hotel for the baby's arrival.
Petticoat Junction Have Library, Will Travel (TV-PG) When a woman sets up a traveling library in the baggage car of the Hooterville Cannonball, Uncle Joe takes an immediate liking to the beautiful woman.
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